The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 ("ADEA") is codified at Title 29, United States Code, Sections 621 and following. It prohibits discrimination by employers,employment agencies, and labor organizations against any individual because of such individual’s age in the terms, conditions or privileges of employment. The ADEA applies to all workers age 40 or over, with no maximum age limit.

There are exceptions to the rule, for example, certain executives or high policy makers are exempt from protection of the law and age limits are permitted in certain job categories where age is a factor in performance, such as airline pilots.

Any person seeking to file a charge under the ADEA should file it with the EEOC or the appropriate state or local enforcement agency. Again, there are strict time limits within which a charge must be filed or the right forever lost. Under Florida law it is 300 days with the EEOC from the time the discriminatory act occurred.

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